Haunted Car Washes in 2023: Spookiest Sudsy Spots Across America

Looking for a squeaky-clean haunted attraction to visit this year? Car washes might seem like unlikely hotspots for paranormal activity, but certain wash sites across the country have developed quite spooky reputations. From ghostly figures lurking near vacuums to phantom vehicles on conveyor belts, these haunted car washes offer thrills for paranormal enthusiasts coast-to-coast.

In this guide, we’ll spotlight seven of the most famously haunted car washes, let you know the prime times to visit, and provide tips to stay safe while you search for sudsy spirits. With dripping brushes, swirling mists, and clanking machinery, these creepy car washes might just be the perfect backdrop for a haunting.

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Village Car Wash – Anchorage, AK

This Anchorage car wash stays open 24 hours a day, meaning spooky stuff can happen at all times of night. Employees and customers have reported seeing the ghostly figure of a young woman wandering near the vacuum stations. Self-service vacuums will also randomly turn on by themselves here in the early morning hours.

The best times for a haunting are from midnight to 4am when the car wash is least crowded. Keep your eyes peeled for the ghostly woman lurking about—she’s been known to approach vehicles for rides before vanishing. Don’t forget to bring quarters in case the phantom vacuums spring to life.

Haunted Hydro – Decatur, IL

With a name like “Haunted Hydro,” this Decatur car wash is bound to have a spooky reputation. According to legend, a young mother and son died here in the 1960s after crawling underneath a car to stay dry during a storm. Now their ghosts are said to roam the car wash, appearing in reflections in wet cars or staring through steamed windows.

The best times for a sighting are at night when the car wash is deserted. As you drive through, watch your mirrors closely for any ghostly figures appearing in the reflections. Be sure to keep your windows down slightly so the ghosts can peer inside—who knows, you might spot the young mother and son seeking shelter just as they did decades ago.

Suicide Car Wash – New York, NY

Situated under the famous “Suicide Bridge” in New York, this car wash is aptly named for the unfortunate souls who have leaped to their deaths from the overhead crossing. According to legend, several suicidal ghosts now haunt the car wash and tunnel underneath, with some drivers reporting thuds on their vehicles as if something jumped onto the roof while passing through.

Midnight is known as the witching hour and is said to be primetime for spectral activity here. As you go through the wash, listen closely for any unexplained banging noises coming from above. But don’t worry—the ghosts here seem to be trapped in a replay of their final moments and likely don’t even notice the vehicles passing underneath.

Galloping Ghost Car Wash – Mustang, OK

With a name referencing supernatural activity, it’s no wonder this Mustang car wash boasts its fair share of paranormal occurrences. Employees have witnessed doors slamming shut by themselves, items falling off shelves for no reason, and bay doors opening mysteriously late at night when no one is around. Poltergeist activity seems to be commonplace here.

To potentially witness objects moving on their own, visit the car wash after normal business hours when the bays are deserted. You might just catch a poltergeist in the act. Be sure to keep your distance from any flying/falling objects—mischievous ghosts have been known to target unsuspecting visitors here. Enter at your own risk!

Mister Car Wash – Harper Woods, MI

Dubbed “Mister Ghost Wash” by locals, this Michigan car wash sits on the former site of a cemetery, and some tombstones still lie just behind the property. Patrons have reported seeing ghostly apparitions that appear to be wandering among gravestones when looking in their rearview mirrors while in the wash tunnel.

The best times for ghost sightings are at night when the wash is quiet. As you go through the conveyor, watch your mirrors closely to see if any spirits materialize behind you among the remnant headstones. If you spot any ghostly activity, say a quick greeting—these spirits are just going about their business like they did when still alive.

Kissimmee Car Wash – Kissimmee, FL

Near the heart of Florida’s theme park country, this car wash has attracted a ghostly following all its own. Paranormal investigators have recorded voices here, including a phantom voice telling employees to “get out.” Some have also reported seeing a ghostly figure scrubbing vehicles on the conveyor belt.

To potentially encounter the haunted activity, visit the car wash just before closing time when staff is doing final rinses. Keep your eyes on the conveyor belt and you might glimpse the shadowy figure still trying diligently to clean cars long after passing away. Just don’t startle it—ghosts tend to react poorly to being scared.

Riverview Car Wash – Bullhead City, AZ

A hotspot for paranormal investigators, this Arizona car wash is said to be haunted by a teenage girl named Suzie who took her own life nearby in the 1990s. Suzie apparently still has a fascination with car washes, as her ghost has been spotted playing with the hoses and sprayers late at night when the wash is vacant.

The best time to potentially glimpse this ghostly girl is around 2-3am after closing time. If you see the hoses moving on their own or water spraying erratically, it may just be Suzie still enjoying playing amidst the suds. Be polite if you see her ghost—she’s a teen who means no harm and is just having a little fun in the afterlife.

Tips for a Safe Visit to a Haunted Car Wash

Haunted Car Wash

If you’re seeking paranormal thrills at one of these infamously haunted car washes, keep these tips in mind:

  • Only enter after business hours if the site is open 24/7. Never trespass on private property.
  • Keep your windows cracked to allow spirits to look inside your vehicle.
  • Drive slowly and keep alert—don’t let ghosts distract you from safe driving.
  • Respect spirits and don’t attempt communication without permission.
  • Refrain from provoking ghosts with taunts or dares. That angers them.
  • Don’t damage equipment or interfere with normal car wash operations.
  • Note ghostly activity, but avoid threatening or cornering spirits.
  • Be skeptical of overly dramatic ghost stories—legends grow over time.
  • Take ghost photos from inside your vehicle, but don’t get out and chase spirits.
  • Pay for car wash services to avoid conflict—don’t just go through for ghosts.
  • If uncomfortable, simply exit. Don’t let peer pressure make you stay.

Frequently Asked Questions About Haunted Car Washes

What’s the deal with ghosts and car washes?

It’s unclear exactly why car washes seem to attract ghostly activity. Possible theories are the sound vibrations, misty conditions, and dark enclosed setting seem conducive to spirits manifesting themselves. The repetitive automated nature of car washes may also get stuck in a loop for deceased.

Are the stories just made up to attract business?

Maybe some, but many ghost tales have been around local car washes for decades. Paranormal investigators also frequently report capturing odd activity at haunted car wash sites. Some spooky occurrences certainly seem genuine.

What’s the best technique for finding ghosts at car washes?

Go very late at night or early morning when sites are deserted. Park and wait quietly, watching for spirits. Avoid disrupting the environment where ghosts manifest. Also, let any spirits approach your vehicle first before engaging.

Is it safe pulling into an empty car wash at night to hunt for ghosts?

Only do so at reputable public sites that allow 24/7 access. Never trespass onto closed car wash property. Make sure security features like gates and lighting work properly before entering after hours. It’s also wise to go with a friend or group.

Do ghost actually help wash the cars at haunted car washes?

There are a few reports of phantom figures still going through the motions of washing vehicles long after death. But the contact is very limited. Reliving their past responsibilities may just be a residual haunting, rather than purposeful interaction with the living.

Can car wash ghosts follow me home or attach themselves to my car?

Extremely unlikely. Spirits lingering at car washes seem tied to those particular areas. There are no credible cases of a ghost latching onto a vehicle after going through a haunted wash bay or conveyor. Just driving home immediately after should be fine.

Is it illegal to go ghost hunting at a car wash?

Not necessarily, if you frequent a 24/7 self-service wash and follow all posted rules. But you can’t trespass or force entry onto a closed car wash property to search for ghosts. That could get you arrested or banned from the business.

Make a Splash This Year on the Haunted Car Wash Circuit

For paranormal fans, the country’s most haunted car washes provide unique and thrilling spots to potentially glimpse ghosts and spirits while getting your vehicle sparkling clean. Just be sure to honor any supernatural presences, stay safe, and of course pay for washes at pay sites!

With haunted high-pressure sprayers, ghostly drying sheets, and phantom foamers on the prowl, these car washes are dripping with otherworldly atmosphere. Will you dare to get your car washed at one of the spookiest sudsy spots in 2023? Let us know if you capture any ghostly encounters on dashboard cam!