13th Hour Rising Haunted Hayride Review 2024: A Chilling Adventure Awaits!

As the crisp autumn air whispers tales of the macabre, and the veil between worlds grows thin, a thrilling experience beckons those brave enough to venture into the depths of 13th Hour Rising Haunted Hayride. Nestled in the heart of Chengarian’s Tree Land, this haunt has been a staple of terror for eight years, crafted by the masterminds Fred and Terrie, who boast over six decades of combined experience in the haunting industry. With custom-built scenes, towering flames, and a cast of nightmarish beings, this hayride promises an unforgettable journey into the realms of fear. Brace yourselves, dear readers, as we delve into the heart-pounding details of our visit to this iconic attraction.

The Passage: A Prelude to Terror

13th Hour Rising Haunted Hayride Review 2024

Before embarking on the main event, we were invited to explore The Passage, an indoor walkthrough attraction designed as a precursor to the hayride. Despite its compact nature, The Passage delivers an array of scares that prey upon our deepest fears. As we ventured through the dimly lit corridors, we encountered a handful of actors, each embodying a distinct horror archetype – from the twisted clown lurking in the shadows to the sinister nun whose presence sent shivers down our spines.

One of the standout moments was our encounter with the “closet monster,” a creature that masterfully embodied our childhood fears of what might lurk within the depths of a wardrobe. The actor’s commitment to their role was palpable, and their ability to tap into our primal anxieties left us thoroughly unnerved. While The Passage may not be an actor-driven attraction, the few performers we encountered delivered electrifying performances, leaving us eager for more.

The Hayride: A Descent into Madness

13th Hour Rising Haunted Hayride Review 2024

As the tractor rumbled to life and our wagon lurched forward, we knew we were venturing into the heart of 13th Hour Rising’s main attraction – the famed hayride. Every twist and turn revealed a new nightmare, meticulously crafted to chill the blood and quicken the pulse. From the moment we passed through the ominous entrance gate, we were greeted by a cavalcade of horrors, each scene more unsettling than the last.

One of the most memorable encounters was with the “dragon-man,” a towering figure clad in a gothic trench coat, his mask concealing an otherworldly visage. As his disembodied monologue echoed through the night, we were transfixed by his commanding presence and masterful body language. The attention to detail in his costume was remarkable, though we couldn’t help but notice that his mouth remained static, adding an eerie quality to his performance.

Costuming: A Symphony of Nightmares

The costuming at 13th Hour Rising is a testament to the team’s dedication to their craft. From the tattered lab coats of the deranged medical staff to the meticulously crafted masks adorning the faces of twisted clowns, each ensemble was a work of art. We were particularly impressed by the attention to detail in the dragon-man’s costume, which seamlessly blended gothic elements with otherworldly touches.

While some masks and costumes were repurposed across different scenes, this added to the overall sense of chaos and unpredictability that permeated the hayride. After all, in the realm of nightmares, logic often takes a backseat to sheer terror. What truly stood out was how each character’s ensemble perfectly complemented their respective scene, ensuring a cohesive and immersive experience.

Special Effects: A Symphony of Nightmares

13th Hour Rising Haunted Hayride Review 2024

The special effects at 13th Hour Rising were nothing short of spectacular, elevating the hayride from a mere haunted attraction to a full-blown sensory assault. As our wagon trundled through the various scenes, we were bombarded with a dizzying array of effects, each more jaw-dropping than the last.

One of the standout moments was the breathtaking display of towering jets of flame that erupted around us, casting an otherworldly glow upon the proceedings. The use of fog machines and expertly choreographed lighting added an extra layer of atmosphere, while well-timed explosions and sound effects kept us constantly on edge.

The set design was equally impressive, with each scene transporting us to a different realm of terror. From the ominous gates of Hell to the twisted remnants of a medical facility, the attention to detail was staggering. While we did catch a glimpse of a few pickup trucks lurking beyond the scenery – a minor break in the immersion – the overall quality of the sets more than made up for this slight hiccup.

Customer Service: Warmth Amid Terror

One of the standout aspects of our visit to 13th Hour Rising was the exceptional customer service we encountered at every turn. From the moment we arrived, we were greeted by a team of dedicated individuals who went above and beyond to ensure our experience was nothing short of remarkable.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Bob, the owner of Chengarian’s Tree Land, who not only offered us some of the most delectable cinnamon donuts we’ve ever tasted but also took the time to share his passion for the haunt industry. His genuine warmth and kindness were a refreshing contrast to the terrors that awaited us within the attraction.

Fred and Terrie, the masterminds behind 13th Hour Rising, were equally welcoming and eager to ensure our visit was unforgettable. Their commitment to safety was evident in their adherence to COVID-19 protocols and their willingness to close the hayride during inclement weather. While the walkway to the entrance could have been better lit, and the lack of signage for concessions left us uncertain about pricing, these minor hiccups did little to diminish the overall excellence of the customer service.

13th Hour Rising Haunted Hayride Review 2024

Atmosphere: A Haunting Embrace

From the moment we stepped onto the grounds of 13th Hour Rising, an air of foreboding enveloped us. The towering trees that surrounded the parking area cast eerie shadows, while the massive skull perched atop the entrance beckoned us forth, promising untold horrors within.

As we stepped inside the main building, the atmosphere only intensified. We were greeted by a macabre display of props and scenery items, including a particularly unsettling doll that seemed to follow us with its soulless gaze. Hanging ghoul props and a roaming queue actor dressed as a clown only added to the sense of dread that permeated the air.

The atmosphere at 13th Hour Rising was masterfully crafted, ensuring that from the moment we arrived until the moment we departed, we were fully immersed in a world of terror. The exterior decoration left no doubt as to the horrors that awaited, while the interior design was a masterclass in creating an environment that primed us for the frights to come.

Scare Factor: A Symphony of Screams

The scare factor is at the heart of any great haunted attraction, and 13th Hour Rising is delivered in spades. While the hayride and The Passage were marketed as family-friendly experiences, suitable for ages 8 to 88, we soon discovered that this was no mere child’s play.

In The Passage, the scares were more intimate and personal, with actors capitalizing on the proximity to deliver nerve-wracking encounters. The jump scares, while predictable to seasoned haunt veterans, was executed with precision, catching us off guard time and time again.

On the hayride, however, the scares were amplified, and the rules of engagement changed. Actors were not only permitted to touch us but also to board the wagon, bringing the terror directly into our midst. While we noticed a tendency for actors to focus their attention on the more vocal and reactive guests, leaving us largely untargeted, the overall scare factor was undeniable.

The unpredictability of the scares on the hayride was one of its greatest strengths. From actors lurking in the trees to unexpected explosions and well-timed animatronic surprises, we were constantly on our toes, never knowing when or from where the next fright would strike.

Entertainment and Value: A Thrilling Investment

With a combo ticket priced at $25, 13th Hour Rising offers exceptional value for the sheer volume of entertainment it provides. Our visit clocked in at an impressive 1.15 minutes per dollar spent, making it one of the most cost-effective haunted attractions in the region.

In addition to the main attractions, guests can indulge in a variety of photo opportunities, including the chance to pose with sinister mannequins or even a roaming clown. The on-site concessions, sponsored by Ontario Orchards, offered a delectable array of treats, including the mind-blowing cinnamon donuts that left us craving for more.

But the true value lies in the sheer breadth of experiences packed into a single visit. From the 25-minute hayride that whisked us through a gauntlet of nightmares to the indoor walkthrough of The Passage, and the immersive common area that provided respite from the elements, 13th Hour Rising delivers a haunting adventure that is well worth the price of admission.

The Final Curtain

As we bid farewell to the terrors of 13th Hour Rising, our hearts still pounding with adrenaline, we couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe and appreciation for the masterful craftsmanship on display. This haunted hayride is more than just a mere attraction – it’s a living, breathing embodiment of the Halloween spirit, a testament to the passion and dedication of those who bring our nightmares to life.

Whether you’re a seasoned haunt enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of terror, 13th Hour Rising is an experience that simply cannot be missed. With its perfect blend of scares, atmosphere, and top-notch customer service, this haunted hayride stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when talent and passion intersect.

So, dear readers, steel your nerves and prepare to embark on a journey into the depths of fear. 13th Hour Rising awaits, its twisted locals eager to welcome you into their macabre embrace. Will you have the courage to face the horrors that lurk within?

FAQ Section

What is the age range for 13th Hour Rising?
13th Hour Rising is billed as a family-friendly attraction, suitable for ages 8 to 88. However, parental discretion is advised, as some of the scares and scenes may be too intense for younger or more sensitive children.

Can guests be touched by actors?
Yes, guests may be touched by actors on the hayride portion of the attraction. However, this does not seem to be the case for The Passage walkthrough.

How long does the experience last?
The hayride itself is approximately 25 minutes long, while The Passage walkthrough is relatively short. With the combo ticket, you can expect the entire experience to last around an hour or more, depending on queue times and your pace through the attractions.

Are there any restrictions or requirements for guests?
While 13th Hour Rising does not list any specific restrictions, it is recommended that guests wear appropriate footwear and clothing for the outdoor portions of the attraction. Additionally, those with mobility issues or other special needs should contact the haunt ahead of time to inquire about accommodations.

Is there parking available on-site?
Yes, 13th Hour Rising offers on-site parking, with attendants directing guests to designated areas.

Can guests purchase food and merchandise?
Absolutely! 13th Hour Rising offers a variety of concessions, including delectable treats from Ontario Orchards, as well as haunt-themed merchandise for those seeking a spooky souvenir.

Guest Reviews

“The place was incredible. Wasn’t what we expected. Grounds were wet but because of rain so that’s to be expected. The staff was super friendly and helped make my daughter’s birthday even more special by singing to her. Would recommend toit everyone!” – Joe Jackson, 10/10

“The place was just amazing, and the staff was incredibly friendly. Watching them sing happy birthday to customers was heartwarming. The hayride and haunt were both well done and a lot of fun. DeWorthhe trip!” – Steve Williams, 10/10

In the realm of haunted attractions, 13th Hour Rising stands as a shining beacon of terror, expertly crafted to chill the blood and quicken the pulse. From the moment you step onto the grounds until the final curtain falls, you’ll be swept up in a whirlwind of nightmares, each more unsettling than the last. With its exceptional customer service, immersive atmosphere, and a perfect balance of scares and entertainment value, this haunted hayride is an absolute must-visit for anyone seeking a truly unforgettable Halloween experience.