The Top 10 Haunted Hotels in Arizona – A Ghost Hunter’s Guide

Arizona is home to some of the most notoriously haunted hotels in the United States. With a history of violence, mining accidents, and tragic deaths, many Arizona hotels are rumored to have resident spirits still wandering the halls.

This article explores the 10 most haunted hotels across Arizona for ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts to visit. We’ll cover the spine-chilling paranormal activity reported at each, famous ghost sightings, and key room numbers considered hotspots for spooky occurrences.

Pack your overnight ghost-hunting kits and ready those EMF meters – this is your guide to the most haunted hotel stays in Arizona!

1. The Jerome Grand Hotel – Jerome

Perched high atop Cleopatra Hill, this former hospital-turned-hotel in the eerie ghost town of Jerome is considered one of Arizona’s most haunted. Various ghosts and spirits are said to roam here, stemming from the building’s past life as a 1926 hospital.

  • Haunting History – The building saw thousands of deaths before closing in the 1950s. Guests often report strange noises, whispers, and cries coming from vacant rooms. One ghost called “The Coughing Man” frequents the basement.
  • Hot Spots – Rooms on the 3rd and 5th floor seem to have the most activity. Ghost sightings occur in the stairwells, basement, and auditorium as well.
  • Famous Apparitions – A woman in white wanders the hallways only to disappear, thought to be a past tuberculosis patient named Julie. The spirit of a small boy nicknamed “Billy” who plays with toys then vanishes.

This expansive haunted hotel offers guided history and ghost tours along with sensorial experiences for paranormal enthusiasts year-round.

2. The Hotel Monte Vista – Flagstaff

The Hotel Monte Vista - Flagstaff

Dubbed one of America’s most haunted hotels, this downtown Flagstaff stay originally opened along Route 66 in 1927. Countless ghost sightings have occurred here over the decades.

  • Haunting History – Rumored to have hosted multiple celebrity deaths and mobster violence during its early heyday. Current ghost residents are quite active after hours when the hotel quiets down.
  • Hot Spots – The most active floors are the basement, second floor, and third floor. But room 210 seems to be the fan favorite haunted hotspot.
  • Famous Apparitions – Fleeting spirits of a bank robber and his hostage have been spotted re-enacting their traumatic demise. Guests hear loud phantom parties occurring when no one is actually there. A provocative ghost named Lucille seduces male visitors at night only to vanish at first light.

With no shortage of ghostly lore and paranormal activity, the Hotel Monte Vista promises a thrilling haunted hotel experience in northern Arizona.

3. The Hotel Congress – Tucson

The Hotel Congress - Tucson

As Tucson’s longest operating hotel since opening in 1919, this historic Congress Street hotel and club certainly houses its fair share of lingering spirits from eras past. Ghost hunters flock here seeking signs of its famous spectral residents.

  • Haunting History – The hotel’s rattled past includes mafia presence, a devastating arson fire, resident suicides, and once serving as a detention site. Such tragedy births restlessness for past guests even today.
  • Hot Spots – The tap room sees the most activity, with phantom laughter and shadows appearing then disappearing within moments. Guest rooms on the third floor also yield paranormal occurrences.
  • Famous Apparitions – Most famous is the mischievous ghost boy who inhabits the basement, playfully tugging at guest clothing for attention. An angry spirit roams room 242 leaving behind the faint smell of smoke from the tragic fire decades ago.

For a downtown Tucson stay immersed in haunted history and paranormal activity, the Hotel Congress remains an intriguingly eerie option nearly 100 years later.

4. The Hassayampa Inn – Prescott

The Hassayampa Inn - Prescott

This landmark 1927 Prescott hotel has no shortage of ghost stories from throughout its storied past. With well over a century of history within its walls, paranormal phenomena frequently occur here spooking guests and staff alike.

  • Haunting History – A bride once stayed here in the 1920s but sadly perished falling down the grand staircase. Her forlorn spirit now inhabits that same stairwell to this day behind the hotel lobby.
  • Hot Spots – The infamous staircase where the bride fell remains the most active for paranormal happenings. But eerie events also occur in the hotel bar, restaurant, guest rooms, and exterior courtyard over the decades.
  • Famous Apparitions – Along with the lingering ghost bride frequenting the lobby steps, guests often report waking to see a cowboy apparition standing over their bed before vanishing completely. Cleaning staff occasionally interact with the mischievous spirit of a young boy zipping down hallways.

For nearly 100 years, an eclectic mix of ghostly residents have refused to leave The Hassayampa Inn. Visit and you may just encounter one lingering here even today.

5. The Weatherford Hotel – Flagstaff

The Weatherford Hotel - Flagstaff

Originally built way back in 1900, this historic Flagstaff establishment has seen its fair share of untimely deaths and bizarre spiritual phenomena. Now considered one of the most haunted buildings in Arizona, it certainly makes for an unsettling stay.

  • Haunting History – The hotel’s lengthy past over a century old lends itself to many tormented souls getting trapped here unable to move on. Guest room doors eerily open and close themselves at night believed to be ghosts wandering the corridors.
  • Hot Spots – The third floor seems to harbor the most paranormal activity based on guest reports. But truly ghostly events have transpired on every level over the decades.
  • Famous Apparitions – A frightening spirit called “The Woman in Black” resides here scaring guests with her blood-curdling screams in the night. The mischievous prankster spirit of a little boy also hops playfully from room to room interacting with visitors.

Named to several America’s most haunted hotel lists, The Weatherford tempts ghost hunters craving an unnerving yet thrilling overnight paranormal encounter.

6. The Copper Queen Hotel – Bisbee

The Copper Queen Hotel - Bisbee

Constructed as a luxurious destination spot way back in 1902, this historic AZ hotel dripping with old west ambiance houses generations of lingering lost souls still clinging to their treasured building. Guests routinely report bizarre supernatural events within its walls after check in.

  • Haunting History – Tragic deaths like suicides of heartbroken lovers have left troubled spirits dwelling here for eternity. A prostitute named Julia Lowell wanders the premises still desperate to make a living after dying bankrupt.
  • Hot Spots – The third floor unsettles guests most frequently with intense paranormal activity but all levels report strange occurrences. The stairwells also see fleeting shadow figures and ghostly voices passing by.
  • Famous Apparitions – Little Joe Stein’s ghost plays with his toys trying to interact with real children. A drunken spirit named Billy Ghol staggers down the fourth floor hallway before vanishing. But the most famous is prostitute Julia who attempts to solicit male visitors oblivious she passed decades ago.

For an old west creeptastic getaway, the Copper Queen’s century-plus history of bizarre deaths and ghost sightings rarely disappoints!

7. The Ghost City Inn – Jerome

The Ghost City Inn - Jerome

Constructed in 1899 amidst Arizona’s largest copper mine operation, this inn turned B&B catches the eye of paranormal junkies seeking haunted happenings in the always bizarre ghost town of Jerome. Spirits definitely linger here from the structure’s early volatile days.

  • Haunting History – First a hotel housing miners and their raucous parties, then an asylum filled with suffering patients – deaths and violence riddled this building’s past. Current owners and visitors experience regular paranormal events from those unable to move on.
  • Hot Spots – Ghostly phenomena concentrate on the second floor originally used as the asylum housing outcast patients. But spooky sightings have occurred in Room 5, the parlor, dining room, and stairwell ascending from the first floor over the years.
  • Famous Apparitions – “The Lady in Red” aimlessly wanders the grounds always disappearing around corners. The spirit of a murdered prostitute named Sammie Dean also makes appearances when male guests travel alone.

For an intensely haunted inn experience within the always unsettling spirit-swarmed streets of Jerome, the Ghost City Inn promises paradigm shifting paranormal encounters galore!

8. The Hotel Vendome – Prescott

The Hotel Vendome - Prescott

Constructed next door to The Hassayampa Inn in 1917, this prominent Prescott luxury hotel clearly also inherited a ghost or two wandering the mile-high city for over 100 years now. Paranormal phenomena occur constantly within The Vendome spooking staff and visitors alike.

  • Haunting History – A fiery blaze killed multiple hotel guests in 1921 when the structure burned nearly to the ground. Those deaths spawned lingering tortured souls taking up residence since the hotel’s rebuilt reopening shortly later.
  • Hot Spots – The second floor sees the most ghostly activity but apparent spirits meander all over from basement to roof. Fire alarms trigger spontaneously as playful ghosts refuse to leave the site of their harrowing demise.
  • Famous Apparitions – A well-dressed businessman from the 1920s occasionally appears in guest rooms before fading away right before visitor’s eyes. Fleeting shadows zip down hallways and loud phantom footsteps echo above squeamish guests at night.

The Massive 1921 blaze certainly left its supernatural imprint on this historic Prescott hotel judging from a century-worth of intense paranormal pandemonium within The Vendome walls today!

9. The Nicolet Restaurant – Globe

Since first opening in 1903, this rustic Gila Valley eatery and small inn has amassed copious reports of bizarre supernatural activity. Dubbed “Arizona’s Most Haunted Restaurant”, one peek inside convincingly validates that creepy distinction. If ghosts truly walked among us, you would encounter their tortured souls wandering The Nicolet no doubt!

  • Haunting History – From a ruthless murder near the entrance to a hanging gone awry inside the Saloon Bar, patrons and tenants of this restaurant/inn suffered gruesome fates, leaving restless spirits meandering the old creaky interior ever since.
  • Hot Spots – The Saloon Bar sees the most paranormal phenomenon with objects moving on their own and alarming temperature fluctuations. The women’s bathroom also unsettles visitors with ghostly footsteps and frequent door slamming.
  • Famous Apparitions – A cowboy ghost haunted by a violent end often appears and then disappears at the end of the bar. A young girl screwed into the floorboard by her father resurfaces frequently begging patrons for help finding her missing doll.

When craving supremely spooky supernatural encounters of the haunted hotel variety in southern Arizona, pull up a creaky bar stool at The Nicolet and wait – captive ghosts are guaranteed to find you!

10. The Noftsger Hill Inn – Globe

The Noftsger Hill Inn - Globe

Constructed as a schoolhouse overlooking Globe way back in 1907, numerous ghost sightings got this stately inn listed on the National Ghost Society’s registry of haunted places. Since converting to lodging in the 1980s, both staff and guests habitually experience disconcerting paranormal happenings here during overnights.

  • Haunting History – First a schoolhouse then hospital, ample deaths occurred within these walls over the decades. Eerie events ranging from moving objects to ominous sensations of being watched by invisible entities have intensified since its lodging transformation.
  • Hot Spots – The Waiting Room sees the most activity as wandering ghosts tend to gravitate to the location they might have originally passed on. However, haunting occurrences transpire all over even outside around the historic structure.
  • Famous Apparitions – The ghosts of two prior students named Bobby and Billy haunt their old schoolhouse still today seeking mischief. An elderly nun’s spirit also makes frequent appearances passing thru walls pushing her medicine cart oblivious she previously died at the former hospital.

That concludes our paranormal tour of Arizona’s top 10 most disturbingly haunted hotels – perfect for thrill-seeking ghost hunters and supernatural history buffs alike! Just bring your bravery and a camera to try capturing elusive apparitions wandering these unsettling properties after dark!

For overnight hotel stays guaranteed to rouse goosebumps and restless nights, these legendary haunted Arizona lodgings aim to deliver frights galore. Just mind your manners addressing any spirits crossing your path – because ghosts end up your roommates here!

Which historic haunted Arizona hotel or restaurant would you visit first?