Top 10 Haunted Houses in Oklahoma for Halloween 2024

Oklahoma is home to dozens of scary, spine-tingling haunted houses and attractions that are perfect for getting your fright on this Halloween season. Ranging from terrifying indoor haunted houses to elaborate haunted corn mazes and forests, Oklahoma has something to offer thrill-seekers of all kinds.

Below are the top 10 can’t-miss haunted houses and attractions in Oklahoma this Halloween 2024:

1. The Hex House (Tulsa)

The Hex House (Tulsa

Location: Tulsa, OK

Dates Open: Select nights September 29th – October 31st

Price: $30

Consistently ranked among the scariest haunted houses in the nation, The Hex House is a truly terrifying interactive experience. This extreme haunted attraction follows a dark story about a witch’s curse on a family, with visitors getting immersed into the frightening tale.

With highly-detailed sets, professional actors, and intense scares like no other, the 30-40 minute Hex House experience is not for the faint of heart. Get ready for in-your-face terror!

2. The Haunted Castle & Asylum (Muskogee)

The Haunted Castle & Asylum (Muskogee

Location: Muskogee, OK

Dates Open: Select nights September 29th – November 4th

Price: $20

The Haunted Castle & Asylum in Muskogee immerses guests in a frightening labyrinth of terror between a haunted castle and an abandoned insane asylum. Brave the dark twists and turns as you encounter horrifying inhabitants of the castle, deranged asylum patients, and medical procedures gone terribly wrong.

With detailed sets and chilling special effects, the Haunted Castle & Asylum spans over 30,000 square feet that will have you running for your life. It’s regularly ranked among Oklahoma’s scariest attractions.

3. Sinister Circus (Oklahoma City)

Sinister Circus (Oklahoma City)

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Dates Open: Select nights September 29th – October 31st

Price: $18

Prepare for a sinister and twisted take on a family circus at the Sinister Circus haunted house in OKC. As you walk through the deranged big top tent, you’ll encounter crazed clowns, freak show acts, and circus performers with nefarious intent.

With highly-detailed sets and custom props, the Sinister Circus provides non-stop creepy scares in a truly nightmarish environment. It’s an Oklahoma City favorite for families or thrill-seekers looking for frightening fun.

4. Nightmare on Cherry Street (Tulsa)

Location: Tulsa, OK

Dates Open: Select nights September 30th – October 31st

Price: $20

For 25 years, Nightmare on Cherry Street has been terrifying Tulsa locals and visitors alike. With a new and improved location, this haunted house doesn’t fail to deliver chilling thrills through highly-detailed, movie quality sets.

As you make your way through the haunt, expect terrifying scenes of horror movies come to life with crazed characters ready to prey on your fears. It’s regarded as one of the best and scariest haunted houses in Oklahoma.

5. The Dark Ride Haunted Attraction (Catoosa)

The Dark Ride Haunted Attraction (Catoosa)

Location: Catoosa, OK

Dates Open: Select nights September 24th – October 30th

Price: $15

Ever been creeped out by abandoned carnival dark rides as a kid? The Dark Ride Haunted Attraction brings all those fears to life in a chilling haunted house based around a decrepit old carnival ride once shut down due to mysterious deaths.

As you make your way through the terrifying queue line and hop in a car into the dark ride, be prepared for what lurks inside. You’ll encounter infamous carnival creepers, deranged clowns and freaky artifacts from decades past. It’s scary fun the whole family can enjoy!

6. Dead Woods Haunted Forest (Perkins)

Dead Woods Haunted Forest (Perkins)

Location: Perkins, OK

Dates Open: Select nights September 24th – October 30th

Price: $15

For a truly immersive and terrifying experience unlike your typical haunted house, head to the Dead Woods Haunted Forest. This intense wooded trail spans 10 acres and is packed with blood-curdling scares.

As you walk through fog-filled woods, expect ghouls, monsters and killers to be lurking behind every tree and in every shadow. It’s an innovative haunt perfect for thrill-seekers looking to get their hearts racing.

7. Scream Park Haunted Theme Park (Tulsa)

Location: Tulsa, OK

Dates Open: Select nights September 30th – October 31st

Price: $30

For families or friend groups seeking a full night of Halloween fun, check out Scream Park. This Tulsa theme park has attractions to suit all scare levels including haunted houses, a haunted hayride, corn mazes and more.

For the brave, head to Bloodshed Bayou haunted house – a horrifying trip through a rundown Louisiana swamp filled with creatures at every turn. Or get lost in their massive 10-acre corn maze after dark when it becomes populated with lurking scare actors. There’s fun for all!

8. The Darkness Haunted House (Drumright)

Location: Drumright, OK

Dates Open: Select nights September 24th – November 5th

Price: $15

Known as Oklahoma’s scariest haunt, The Darkness truly lives up to its name. This intense haunted attraction is pitch black and packed with shocking scares and special effects that prey on your every sense.

As you attempt to navigate through tight, dark spaces, expect monsters and killers to emerge when you least expect it. You’ll never know what’s coming next in this terrifying haunt. Prepare for the scare of your life!

9. Sanctum of Horrors Haunted House (Choctaw)

Sanctum of Horrors Haunted House (Choctaw)

Location: Choctaw, OK

Dates Open: Select nights September 24th – October 31st

Price: $15-$20

Looking for LIVE actors, ultra-realistic scenes and Hollywood level production? Then make a visit to Sanctum of Horrors near Oklahoma City a must this Halloween.

With innovative sets, detailed costuming and visceral shocks, Sanctum of Horrors takes haunted houses in OKC to the next level. Be prepared to encounter your worst nightmares come to life in this extreme, adults-only haunted attraction.

10. The Twisted Forest (Tulsa)

10. The Twisted Forest (Tulsa)

Location: Tulsa, OK

Dates Open: September 24th – October 30th

Price: $25

For a unique outdoor haunted experience, check out The Twisted Forest. This haunted attraction spans 5 acres of creepy woods in Tulsa just waiting to instill fear into your soul.

As you navigate through foggy trails and creep down dark paths, terrifying creatures and environments inspired by horror movies, nightmares and urban legends await around every turn. It’s an immersive haunt that’s perfect for Halloween thrill seekers.

What To Know Before Visiting Haunted Houses in Oklahoma

Here are some key tips to ensure you have the best haunted house experience:

  • Check the schedules in advance – Hours vary across attractions and dates. Make sure to see when your desired haunts are open before visiting.
  • Get tickets ahead of time – Many haunted houses sell out certain nights. Purchase tickets online in advance when possible.
  • Prepare to wait – Expect long wait times on peak nights – especially closer to Halloween. Arrive early or visit on off-peak nights to reduce wait times.
  • Review age limits – Some extreme haunted houses have age requirements or restrictions on children. Always check ahead.
  • Get the VIP experience – Many haunts offer priority access and extra perks with VIP, front-of-line or fast passes for an added fee.
  • Know when to stop – There’s no shame in bailing out early or skipping ultra-intense attractions if they are too much for you to handle.
  • Expect physical contact – Some extreme haunts incorporate touching, restraints or separation into the experience. If you have concerns, ask in advance.
  • Read all rules and warnings – Follow all posted rules and safety precautions at each attraction. Failure to comply could result in removal.
  • Have fun! – Haunted houses are meant to be thrilling and scary, all in good Halloween fun. Don’t take it too seriously and enjoy getting your fright on!

With spine-tingling haunted houses, forests and asylums, Oklahoma offers thrill seekers and Halloween lovers plenty of ways to get spooked this season. Are you brave enough to face the state’s top haunts? Get your tickets and prepare for a terrifyingly good time in Oklahoma this Halloween 2024!