The Top 10 Haunted Houses in Albuquerque in 2024

Albuquerque, New Mexico is home to numerous famously haunted locations. The city’s old buildings and wild west history have cultivated an environment ripe for paranormal activity. For thriller-seekers visiting Albuquerque, a must-do activity is touring the city’s most haunted houses and sites.

In 2024, Albuquerque offers many spooky attractions guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. From ghost tours to haunted mansions, here are the top 10 haunted houses to check out in Albuquerque this year:

NameLocationHistoryParanormal Activity Reported
Wool Warehouse2603 2nd St SWOld warehouse, woman killed in 1950sApparitions, voices, cold spots
Chilili Land GrantChilili1700s cemeteryShadow figures, red eyes, whispers
San Pedro Library5600 Trumbull Ave SEFormer morgue in basementCrying, screams, moving objects
La Placita Dining Rooms2432 San Mateo Pl NE1790s building, spirit named NinaLights flickering, moving objects, apparitions
Luna Mansion110 La Veta Dr NE1881 mansion, deaths occurredMoving objects, disembodied voices
Desert Sands Motel5000 Central Ave SEMotel, ghost boy in room 22Apparitions, children’s laughter, water running
KiMo Theatre423 Central Ave NW1927 theater, boy killed in 1951 explosionBoy’s ghost seen, voices heard
La Hacienda RestaurantOld TownFormer funeral parlorApparitions of woman in black, cold spots
Grant Corner Inn1151 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe1905 milk bottling plant turned B&BMoving objects, voices, apparitions
Casa EsenciaWagon Mound1800s homestead siteFlickering lights, moving doors, footsteps

1. The Wool Warehouse

The Wool Warehouse
  • Location: 2603 2nd St SW
  • History: This old wool warehouse was built in the 1930s. It is said a young woman was killed here in the 1950s and her spirit haunts the building today.
  • Hauntings: People have reported seeing the ghostly figure of a woman in the windows late at night when the building is empty. Some also hear faint crying and whispering voices. Cold spots are very common.
  • Overview: The Wool Warehouse offers popular haunted tours and ghost hunt events year-round. Their overnight investigation lets you use ghost hunting equipment like EMF readers to search for spirits.

2. Chilili Land Grant

  • Location: County Road 11, Chilili
  • History: This historic community land grant site dates back to the 1700s. The old cemetery is said to be highly active.
  • Hauntings: Many visitors to the Chilili cemetery report seeing shadow figures, red glowing eyes, and hearing strange whispers at night. Cameras often malfunction here as well.
  • Overview: Stop by the Chilili Land Grant on a haunted road trip. The land is open to the public. Visit the cemetery during the day or join a night tour if you dare.

3. San Pedro Public Library

San Pedro Public Library
  • Location: 5600 Trumbull Ave SE
  • History: This historic library opened in 1932. Its basement was originally a morgue and is now said to be haunted.
  • Hauntings: Patrons often report hearing disembodied crying and screaming sounds coming from the basement. Lights flicker, cold spots abound, and items sometimes move on their own.
  • Overview: While not an official haunted attraction, the San Pedro Library’s paranormal activity is well-documented. Visit during normal hours to experience it yourself, if you dare.

4. La Placita Dining Rooms

La Placita Dining Rooms
  • Location: 2432 San Mateo Pl NE
  • History: This restaurant occupies one of Albuquerque’s oldest buildings, constructed in the 1790s. A ghost called Nina haunts the bar room.
  • Hauntings: Nina’s ghost has been experienced by staff and diners over the years. She turns lights on and off, moves objects, and algunas veces hace un poco de aparición (sometimes makes a short appearance).
  • Overview: Stop by La Placita for lunch and keep an eye out for Nina’s mischievous ghost. The staff has many chilling tales to share.

5. Luna Mansion

Luna Mansion Albuquerque
  • Location: 110 La Veta Dr NE
  • History: This grand mansion was built in 1881 by businessman Solomon Luna. Allegedly several deaths have occurred here.
  • Hauntings: Visitors report objects moving, doors opening and closing, disembodied voices, and feeling unseen presences touch them here, especially on the home’s second floor.
  • Overview: Luna Mansion offers hourly ghost tours focusing on the paranormal activity inside. Advanced reservations are recommended as the tours are very popular year-round.

6. Desert Sands Motel

desert sands motel albuquerque
  • Location: 5000 Central Ave SE
  • History: This old Route 66 motel has seen its share of tragedy. A little boy named Bobby is said to haunt room 22.
  • Hauntings: Guests in room 22 have reported seeing the ghostly boy, hearing children’s laughter, and seeing the bathtub fill up by itself with water. Bobby is said to be a playful and curious spirit.
  • Overview: Request room 22 if you stay at Desert Sands Motel and hope for a ghostly encounter with Bobby. The motel staff has many spooky tales surrounding this haunted hot spot.

7. KiMo Theatre

  • Location: 423 Central Ave NW
  • History: This historic theater opened in 1927. It saw a tragic death when a boy was killed by an explosion in the lobby in 1951.
  • Hauntings: Many visitors report seeing the ghost of the young boy wandering the theater lobby. Disembodied voices, footsteps, and odd smells are also common.
  • Overview: Catch a creepy film at The KiMo, listed as one of the most haunted theaters in America. Ghost tours are also available on select nights.

8. La Hacienda Restaurant

La Hacienda Restaurant
  • Location: Old Town, Albuquerque
  • History: This 170-year-old adobe house once served as a funeral parlor. A ghost called the Weeping Woman haunts La Hacienda today.
  • Hauntings: Witnesses have reported seeing the ghost of a woman dressed in black 1800s-era clothing wandering the premises crying and sobbing. Cold spots and feelings of sadness permeate the building.
  • Overview: Experience the Weeping Woman’s foreboding presence with La Hacienda’s signature Ghost Chicken Enchilada Plate.

9. Grant Corner Inn

  • Location: 1151 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe
  • History: This B&B occupies an old milk bottling plant build in 1905. Multiple ghosts are said to haunt the rooms and halls.
  • Hauntings: Guests report objects moving, ghostly voices and crying, apparitions passing through walls, and more unsettling paranormal activity, especially in room 22.
  • Overview: Book a stay at the Grant Corner Inn for a potentially sleepless night. Let the owners know you’re open to a haunted room for the full experience.

10. Casa Esencia

Casa Esencia
  • Location: 86 West Rd, Wagon Mound
  • History: This property’s original homestead burned down in the late 1800s, killing its owner. Her ghost is said to haunt the rebuilt house and barn.
  • Hauntings: Guests have reported flickering lights, doors opening and closing, footsteps, and seeing the ghostly woman near the barn at night. Her presence feels protective rather than menacing.
  • Overview: The modernized Casa Esencia pays homage to its haunted history with the “Ghost Host” package. Includes paranormal investigation equipment so you can search for spirits.

Get ready for the spooky side of Albuquerque with this list of the city’s most notoriously haunted spots. Have you experienced ghastly goings-on at any of these locations? Let us know! But enter at your own risk…

Other Notable Haunted Places in Albuquerque

Beyond the top 10 most haunted houses, Albuquerque has many other locations rumored to be paranormally active:

  • Old Town – Site of La Hacienda Restaurant, filled with historic buildings. Ghost tours available.
  • University of New Mexico Campus – Several buildings said to be haunted by past students.
  • Albuquerque Press Club – Former hangout of late 1900s journalists. Reports of objects moving and ghostly voices.
  • Herb’s Antique Shop – Antique store where items move and disappear mysteriously.
  • Burning Paradise Video – Video rental store haunted by a former patron.
  • Church Street Cafe – Building dates to early 1700s. Staff have experienced many eerie occurrences.
  • Highland Cemetery – Graves date back to the 1800s. Strange glowing lights seen here.
  • Fairwinds Motel – Reported ghost sightings in lobby and rooms.
  • Bottger House – Creepy Victorian home where footsteps and apparitions seen.
  • Fox Theater – Historic theater haunted by a former janitor.

Tips for Visiting Haunted Houses in Albuquerque

If you plan to visit any famously haunted houses, cemeteries, theaters, or other sites in Albuquerque, keep these tips in mind:

  • Only visit reputable establishments during normal hours or as part of an organized tour. Never trespass on private property.
  • If staying overnight at a haunted hotel, be polite and respectful. Remember actual people work there!
  • Arrive early if possible – paranormal activity often occurs at night.
  • Bring a charged phone, flashlight, camera, and other ghost hunting equipment if allowed. But ask first.
  • Don’t provoke spirits or ghosts. Even if you don’t believe, be respectful just in case.
  • Follow all instructions from staff or tour guides. They know the locations and any rules best.
  • Travel in a group if possible. Solo ghost hunting can be dangerous.
  • Listen closely for ambient sounds like footsteps, knocks, voices – spirits often announce their presence subtly.
  • Stay calm and don’t panic if you experience something supernatural. Ghosts are rarely malevolent, just unsettled.

Be sure to visit these spine-tingling haunts for a thrilling paranormal experience on your next visit to Albuquerque! Let us know if you experience any ghostly encounters at these famously haunted hot spots.