Top 10 Most Haunted Places on Long Island

Long Island has a long and rich history, dating back to when it was inhabited by Native American tribes like the Montaukett, Shinnecock and Setalcott. Over the centuries, various events have occurred across Nassau and Suffolk counties that have led to legends of haunted locations across the island.

From old abandoned psychiatric centers to hotels with ghostly residents, Long Island has no shortage of sites that are believed to be haunted. Here are the top 10 most haunted places on Long Island:

1. Kings Park Psychiatric Center

Kings Park Psychiatric Center
  • Opened in 1885 as Kings County Asylum
  • Closed in 1996
  • At its peak, housed over 9,000 patients
  • Rumored hauntings from former psychiatric patients
  • Various paranormal sightings like ghosts, voices, footsteps

Notable Haunts:

  • Building 93 – Shadow figures, screams, violent poltergeist activity
  • The Old Morgue – Sounds of crying and moaning

2. Katie’s Bar

Katie's Bar
  • Opened in 1966 in Smithtown
  • Known for being haunted by the spirit of Katie, a woman who was killed by a drunk driver

Katie’s Ghost Sightings:

  • The apparition of a woman dressed in a white dress
  • Taps patrons on the shoulder or whispers in their ears
  • Moves objects around the bar
  • Known to play pranks like stealing drinks or knocking things over

3. Montauk Manor

Montauk Manor
  • Luxury hotel built near Montauk Point in 1927
  • Rumored to be haunted by previous guests and hotel staff

Reported Paranormal Activity:

  • A woman crying or singing to herself on the 3rd floor
  • A pianist playing piano late in the lobby with no source of the music

4. Sweet Hollow Road

  • Runs right into Mount Misery-West Hills County Park
  • Considered one of the most paranormally active roads on Long Island

Myths and Legends:

  • A dead bride who haunts passengers as they drive through
  • A policeman who went missing while investigating in the woods
  • If you put your car in neutral on a bridge, unseen hands will push you uphill

5. Amityville Horror House

Amityville Horror House
  • Site of the real-life 1974 DeFeo murders
  • Later the location of reported paranormal activity from the Lutz family
  • This famous haunted house has been turned into numerous books and movies

Alleged Paranormal Happenings:

  • Strange voices and sounds
  • Mysterious odors
  • Extreme cold sensations
  • Objects moving on their own
  • Demon pig/ghost apparitions

6. Raynham Hall Museum

  • Historic home built in Oyster Bay in 1738
  • British forces used it as their headquarters during the American Revolution

Famous Haunt: The “Ghost of Dorothy,” believed to be Dorothea Dolan, sister of Lord Townshend. Her spirit is often seen peering out windows.

7. Country House Restaurant

Country House Restaurant
  • Restaurant and catering hall located in Stony Brook
  • Country atmosphere with an old-time tavern

Ghostly Encounters:

  • Items fly off shelves in the kitchen
  • Water taps turn on by themselves
  • Apparitions standing by an old stairwell
  • Owner Sam Arrowood refuses to set foot in the attic due to “bad vibes”

8. Sagamore Hill

Sagamore Hill
  • Historic Oyster Bay home that served as President Theodore Roosevelt’s summer White House from 1885 until he died in 1919.

Paranormal Activity Includes:

  • The ghost of Theodore Roosevelt has been seen wandering the residence and the surrounding woods and trails.
  • Guests have reported seeing fanged teeth in a second-floor bathroom mirror.
  • Strange footsteps coming from empty parts of the house late at night.

9. Mount Misery

  • Heavily wooded area around Route 347/25A intersection near Sweet Hollow Road
  • Considered an area with unusual amounts of paranormal activity

Eerie Legends and Myths:

  • Associated with Mary Hatchet, believed to be America’s first female serial killer, who murdered slave children in the 1700s. Some claim she still haunts Mount Misery today.
  • Also home to the legend of the satanic cult rituals that infamously took place in the woods during the 1970s.

10. Camp Hero Air Force Base

Camp Hero Air Force Base
  • Former military base in Montauk that operated from 1942 to the early 1980s.
  • Rumored to be the location of various government experiments like mind control, time travel, and extraterrestrials.

Alleged Paranormal Activity:

  • Strange clergyman-like figure floating above the ground.
  • Burning or glowing eyes appear in the woods.
  • Unnatural formations in the sky.
  • Feelings of dread and unusual sensations like frequent nose bleeds were reported by visitors.

Those are 10 locations considered to be the most haunted in Long Island’s history. It seems no place is safe from a ghost or two, from abandoned psychiatric hospitals to restaurants and hotels. Have you experienced anything paranormal at these famous Long Island haunts?