Alee Haunted House in Savannah, GA


Alee Haunted House in Savannah, Georgia is a city steeped in history, mystery, and otherworldly lore. From its sprawling antebellum mansions to its ghost-filled cemeteries, Savannah has no shortage of sites rumored to be haunted. But there is one notorious haunting ground that strikes fear into the hearts of locals and visitors alike – the Alee temple haunted house.

Alee Haunted House in Savannah, GA

Nestled on the outskirts of Savannah, the Alee plantation is considered to be one of the most haunted places in America. For decades, guests have reported violent paranormal activity, demonic entities, and an almost palpable aura of darkness emanating from the ruined mansion and surrounding grounds. As an intrepid spiritual seeker, I was compelled to uncover the truth behind the sinister legends of Alee. Join me as we explore the haunted secrets of this foreboding plantation and confront the restless spirits that lurk within its walls.

History of Alee Terror Plantation Haunted House 

To understand Alee’s hauntings, we must first delve into its disturbing history. The land that Alee occupies was originally owned by a wealthy doctor named Joseph Dunwody in the early 1800s. He built a large plantation and mansion on the rural property intended for his wife, Alee.

However, Alee tragically passed away right before the construction finished. Heartbroken, Joseph moved into the mansion alone when it was completed in 1828. Over the next few decades, Joseph expanded Alee with additional buildings like guest cottages and a cemetery.

Alee Haunted House in Savannah, GA

After Joseph’s death, Alee was passed down through various owners. By the mid-1900s, Alee had fallen into ruin after decades of neglect. It gained a reputation as a dangerous, haunted place that locals dared not trespass on after dark. A series of fires and structural collapses further added to the plantation’s eerie, dilapidated state.

In the 1970s, Alee was purchased by new owners who painstakingly restored the historic property and even operated it for a time as a haunted bed and breakfast. But by the early 2000s, Alee was abandoned once more.

In 2013, a haunted attraction company leased the property and opened it to the public every Halloween as one of America’s scariest and most notoriously haunted houses. The terrifying legends of Alee live on to this day.

Supernatural Forces of Alee

So what exactly lurks within this sprawling haunted plantation? Numerous paranormal researchers and brave visitors have reported encountering several malevolent forces and entities on the Alee grounds:

  • The spirit of Joseph Dunwody himself is said to haunt the ruined mansion, appearing to guests as a sinister shadow figure. His mournful cries are also frequently heard echoing through the building.
  • Alee is plagued by demonic entities that target and attach themselves to visitors. Many have experienced violent psychic attacks, scratches, and feelings of being gripped by an evil presence.
  • The ghost of a young girl named Sara is known to haunt the children’s playhouse on the grounds. Her playful giggling turns into blood-curdling screams when visitors approach.
  • Shadowy specters and ominous mists have been captured in photographs and videos throughout the property. Disembodied cries, whispers, and shrieks are also common.
  • The Alee family cemetery is considered a paranormal hotspot, with reports of glowing red eyes appearing amongst the graves at night.
  • Animals on the grounds, especially dogs, are said to sense the evil forces of Alee, refusing to enter certain areas and acting agitated and frightened.

My Personal Experience at Alee Shriners Haunted House Savannah

Alee Shriners Haunted House Savannah

As an empath and intuitive, I decided to experience Alee’s hauntings firsthand. I booked a private overnight investigation along with a small team of fellow paranormal researchers. The owners graciously granted us full access to the dilapidated mansion and cemetery well into the late hours of the night.

As soon as I stepped onto the sprawling plantation grounds, I felt an ominous heavy energy engulf me. My empathic senses were on high alert, detecting menacing entities lurking nearby. Entering the mansion filled me with dread, and I had the distinct feeling of being watched by malicious eyes.

Throughout the night, we experienced violent paranormal activity across the property. In the mansion, furniture and doors shook violently without explanation. We captured Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) of disturbing whispers and cries. In the cemetery, we all saw glowing red eyes peer at us from behind the graves, as if observing our every move.

However, the most terrifying moments occurred within Alee’s infamous “voodoo room.” In this hidden cellar, the angry spirit of a slave named Sam is said to torment trespassers. The tense air and sense of rage in the room was stifling. Without warning, one of my teammates began screaming and clawing at himself, seemingly under the psychic attack of Sam’s vengeful spirit.

By sunrise, we had all reached our emotional and psychic limits. As we departed Alee at first light, I felt as if I was leaving a portal to the underworld behind, its evil forces hungry for fresh souls. My experience only confirmed that Alee is one of the most dangerously haunted places I’ve ever stepped foot in.

Tips for Visiting Alee Terror Plantation Haunted House Savannah, GA

For thrill-seekers and paranormal investigators drawn to experience Alee’s hauntings, I offer the following words of caution:

  • Do not enter any areas marked off-limits or unsafe due to the property’s deteriorating state. Put safety first.
  • Bring spiritual protection like prayers, mantras, stones, or a protective symbol of your choosing to ward off negative psychic attacks.
  • Set clear intentions to only interact with benign spirits and guides. Do not invite or engage with dark entities.
  • Avoid provoking or disrespecting any spirits. Practice empathy and approach interactions with wisdom.
  • Monitor your emotions closely and do not ignore signs of growing discomfort or dread. Retreat if needed.
  • Cleanse your energy upon leaving by taking a shower, resting, or engaging in spiritual rituals.

While Alee is an intensely haunted locale, visiting with proper precautions can illuminate the fascinating spirit world around us. Just be sure to leave any darkness you encounter at Alee behind when you depart.


Savannah’s haunted Alee plantation is a paranormal portal into the unknown that leaves even experienced ghost hunters unnerved. The anguished spirits that walk its grounds do not take kindly to uninvited guests. Yet for spiritual seekers called to this foreboding location, Alee offers profound – if terrifying – lessons about the afterlife and the darkness that can fester within neglected places.

If you choose to visit Alee, do so with the utmost care and reverence. While paranormal thrill-seekers may come and go, the restless entities of Alee remain, endlessly tormented by the plantation’s tragic past. Tread lightly upon their domain, listen to their stories, and depart with compassion for the suffering that gives rise to hauntings like Alee.